30 years After - 30 years of FREEDOM

Program of the project

Society 89 is preparing a series of events for the year 2019, based on a previous 1999 project. The upcoming events will highlight the presence, including the plus and minus, that he "succeeded" in the 30 years of his life after the Velvet Revolution.

The main objective of the events to be held from 11 November to 17 November 2019 is the memory of the social changes initiated by the events of November 17, 1989, including their current speech to the present.

We believe that perhaps more than ever it is important for society to realize that freedom is not a matter of course, but that it is primarily a responsibility for present and future deeds.

But even in this exciting time, we want to celebrate that we are not in a violent dictatorship and information incubator, but that we can travel freely, educate anywhere in the world, trade and trade with the whole world, we can freely associate and realize our thoughts and dreams ... and this is worth it ...